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Marketing and communications

How My Council Services can help you

The marketing and communications team has a broad remit, from working with partners to help the council speak in a consistent tone across sectors, and collaborating with colleagues to plan and execute complex public engagement activities through to working with civic leaders and senior management on communications campaign planning, and devising appropriate means to speak with hard to hear groups and contributing capital and transformation projects.

As with all other areas of local government activity, marketing and communications teams are also under pressure to reduce costs, often through a reduction of resources and budget.

Marketing is not typically the primary end user of the solutions that Abavus provides. Rather, it is a key facilitator of successful implementation, and it also stands to benefit from the ways that My Council Services is able to extend the reach and raise the profile of the council. The marketing and communications team enables the council to embed My Council Services in a way that supports its  brand and visual identity as well as supporting its wider communications objectives.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

  • My Council Services offers a multi-channel platform that is quickly and easily configured to include and promote key communications that form parts of the council’s communications and engagement strategy.
  • My Council Services is typically used as an organisation-wide customer platform and as such it offers a powerful means through which to engage directly with customers.
  • The multi-channel, digital channels that My Council Services offers provide a way to engage with citizens who may be difficult to reach through more traditional means. Marketing teams can utilise the e-forms capability to encourage and capture feedback.
  • The platform is implemented as a fully integrated component of the council’s main web property. The native mobile applications help raise the awareness of the council and attract more users to engage directly.
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