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Recycling and waste services

How My Council Services can help you

  • End-to-end waste collection management – My Council Services offers you a complete waste management solution, handling all aspects of the process from the customer requesting a service, paying for it (where relevant) or reporting an issue or problem through to back office processing and round data management, with in-cab or handheld capabilities for crews and route planning.
  • Enabling customer self-service where appropriate – The My Council Services Waste Solution allows customers to access the relevant elements of the waste service on a self-service basis, from their initial application through to reporting changes, issues and other required inbound requests, all as a fully integrated component.
  • Payments & contract management – With integration through to the Council’s selected payment gateway provider in place, My Council Services handles every aspect of cost calculation, payment collection and confirmation, as well as generation of invoices and receipts. Auto payment and renewal facilities are also available, all supported by reporting that enables financial reconciliation. Multi-line transactions can also be set up enabling customers to purchase multiple items in a single transaction and for the appropriate cost centre tracking to be maintained.
  • Managing assets, products and stock – My Council Services enables the management of assets and product inventory e.g. ordering replacement containers and receptacles.
  • Storage, management and update of round data – The My Council Services solution enables you to configure and manage every aspect collections activity. This includes receptacle types with all their required meta data, property and premises-based round information, exceptions days, interim address management and full dashboard and detailed analytical reporting. We can also support the migration and load of historic round information.
  • Keeping customers up to date on the status of their waste services – The waste management solution also includes the ability to update, remind, prompt and proactively alert customers with pertinent information. For example, you can notify a street or selection of customers that their refuse won’t be collected on the usual day, remind customers to prepare the relevant waste bin for collection or to inform a customer why their bin has not been collected, thus avoiding an unnecessary ‘missed bin’ request.
  • Make the whole process digital – With waste-related processes in particular it is important that your selected solution enables not just the customer facing and back office processes. It is vital that you cater to the requirements of individuals and team who are operating out in the borough, district, county or unitary area. The My Council Services Mobile Worker suite provides a flexible, easy to use and device-independent mobile working toolkit which enables true online and offline working capabilities with features that have been developed specifically with waste and refuse management in mind.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

Beyond the core delivery of the tailored and integrated waste solution, we also provide a range of additional services to ensure you derive maximum value from your investment.

  • Assistance with data migration – your existing rounds records can be migrated onto the platform ensuring that you can operate with seamless continuity.
  • Consulting services to assist with process review, mapping and optimisation – We regularly work with our clients to review and document current waste process, identifying opportunities for process simplification, automation and improvement.
  • My Council Services is a modular and highly flexible solution – Once installed, the same modules that power one area of the waste processes can also be used to provide a highly functional platform for other waste requirements such as trade waste, clinical and sharps,  or ad hoc collections. Chargeable waste services can be a helpful means of revenue generation to help make services revenue neutral.
  • Many years of local authority and waste-specific experience – My Council Services is installed in over 50 local authorities around the UK, many of which use our platform and associated services to increase efficiency in their waste-related service areas.
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