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Case studies and testimonials

Click on each logo to view the testimonial and go through to read the whole case study and read more about how other local authorities are already using the My Council Services suite of products to improve efficiency and effectiveness as well as to achieve digital transformation and channel shift.

"Because Abavus is a smaller company they were able to offer us more flexibility. They were willing to develop with us in the way we wanted to develop, rather than simply selling us something out of the box that we’d then have to try and adapt and work around.”
"Using My Council Services reduces the number of routine calls to our contact centre and so has freed up our advisors to be able to work with the customers most in need of personal interaction."
"It was really refreshing to work with a supplier who was totally committed to ensuring that our deadlines were achieved. From the project commencement to launch Abavus worked flexibly, competently and comprehensively.”
"Working with Abavus since commencing the project has been a very positive experience. I and my colleagues thoroughly enjoy working with Abavus team."
"We were looking for something that would be easy to use yet could handle more sophisticated processes where required and that would give us quick wins that we could deliver and implement instantly. Abavus was the one that was able to offer all of those things."
"We’re forming a strong relationship with Abavus, and that’s important because going forward they’ll be maintaining our services. Everything we’ve asked them, they’ve been very open and honest. "
"Working with Abavus and My Council Services has been a very positive experience, the technology is excellent as is the responsiveness and flexibility of the technical and operational support teams."

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