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Revenues and benefits

How My Council Services can help you

My Council Services is a tried and tested revenues and benefits solution. It offers a secure, safe and easy-to-navigate portal through which customers can pay Council Tax and other charges owed to the council, as well as providing secure, personalised access to their financial data.

  • Enable customers to review their financial information – My Council Services provides an easy-to-use, secure and information-rich environment for customers to review up to date information on their Council Tax and benefits eligibility and payment status, rental accounts, business rates or any other financial information that may be relevant.
  • Reconcile all payments with back office financial systems – Allow customers to securely pay any due or outstanding charges, safe in the knowledge that all financial transactions can be quickly and automatically reconciled with the Council’s financial systems.
  • Create different user profiles tailored to the needs of different user types – The My Council Services platform allows for a fully personalised My Account offering, tailored to an individual’s needs whether they be a resident, a business owner or a private or social landlord.
  • Enable secure online payments – Ensure that all customers registering for access to their financial information are properly verified and authorised using industry best practice multi-factor verification processes.
  • Fully GDPR compliant – My Council Services provides Councils with all the functionality needed to support the provision of customer data access requests, data portability and the right to be forgotten. It also ensures that the Council is protected, with the ability to create an overarching data retention policy, ensuring that no data is removed that the Council has a legal requirement to retain.
  • Flexible applications throughout the Council – My Council Services enables you to create a single My Account portal that can cater to the particular needs of the revenues and benefits teams, as well as offering the same capability to all other service areas to deliver organisation-wide channel shift and transformation

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

  • Integration with your existing revenue and benefits data and systems – We provide full integration with your existing financial systems in order that the correct customer data can be shared with the individual, verified customer. Regardless of the systems you use we will be able to support integration with it.
  • Years of experience of revenues and benefits projects – We have worked with numerous customers on revenue and benefits projects, and can bring that experience to bear whether we are supporting you to design some of the more complex forms, helping you review and streamline processes or helping you design and configure automated workflow to support application processing.
  • Consultative approach – The Abavus consulting team is on hand throughout the project and beyond in order to provide the assistance and support that you need to ensure a successful implementation and go live for the council team, and a successful live experience for your customers.
  • In depth knowledge of UK revenues and benefits legislation – The legislation and processes that govern revenue collection and benefits administration are unique to UK Local Authorities. We have been through the process on prior projects enough times to be confident that we will be able to help you navigate through the challenges and complexities of these types of project.
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