Apps, eForms and Customer Portal

How Apps, eForms & Customer Portal will help you

My Council Services Apps, eForms & Customer Portal product provides a multi-channel self-service platform, facilitating the full range of customer-facing and internal digital processes and transactions (report it, book it, apply for it, pay for it).

Apps, eForms & Customer Portal offers fully responsive browser-based web forms and native mobile applications (iPhone, Android and Windows) delivered from a central form design process and deployed as a seamless component of your existing local authority web property.

Apps, eForms & Customer Portal is functionally rich, customisable, configurable, and accessible to administrators via an easy-to-use back-office interface. The full suite of native mobile applications and the synchronised web portal can be quickly configured to include the full range of council content such as RSS feeds, social media feeds, existing web content, bespoke applications, and other relevant resources.

Features of Apps, eForms & Customer Portal

  • Responsive web and native mobile customer self-service offerings
  • Intuitive GUI eForm design platform
  • Share and borrow form templates with other local authorities through our integrated Form Store
  • Publish a single form template to both responsive web and native mobile interfaces
  • Native apps on iPhone, Windows and Android
  • Fully configurable and customisable with a super low code environment for rapid design, testing and deployment
  • All delivery components branded to reflect your council’s visual identity
  • Completely integrated with the My Council Services CRM and Case Management interfaces, delivering an enterprise-wide customer platform
  • Comprehensive and easy-to-use back office for configuration and branding
  • Fully supported integration capability to third party systems
  • Includes full customer portal capability

Service benefits

  • Reduce avoidable contact, saving time and resources
  • Enable channel shift and transformation quickly
  • Offer synchronised multi-channel self-service to customers
  • Full configuration capability saves time and money
  • Rapid implementation, live within 6 to 8 weeks
  • Fully automate customer-facing processes where appropriate
  • Offer full end-to-end internal process automation
  • Reduce internal IT overheads

What existing customers say about Apps and eForms

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of self-service from customers. At the moment we’re around 30-35% of transactions via the app and we’re aiming to reach 45 or 50%. Compared to where we were, we had zero. As soon as we released the app we had a steady increase to 10 or 12% but as soon as we released our online forms it just went through the roof. It saves man hours. It significantly reduces the amount of duplication that we have to do and it makes it easier both for the officers and for the customers. An officer is able to deal with maybe 15 or 20 reports an hour, whereas with a phone call they can deal with maybe 5 or 6 per hour.”

Torfaen County Borough Council

“The key benefits to Wiltshire are reducing duplication of effort in the Customer Services team by tightly integrating MCS into the back office systems and the feedback directly to the customer who reported the incident. Previously Customer Services would have taken the call, logged the call and then manually created the case in Exor or Mayrise themselves. Removing all of that manual effort saves around 10 minutes per service request.”

Wiltshire Council

“One of my staff volunteered to start to build the service forms. She has no technical background whatsoever but has been able to develop our new platform almost entirely by herself. For a member of my team to have been able to develop a full platform is amazing and the bonus is that we can make changes to forms instantly. In July alone there were over 6,000 service request forms generated in My Council Services for Swale by Customer Services and the public so you can see how much we have achieved in that short period of time.”

Swale Borough Council

Who will benefit?

The Apps, eForms & Customer Portal product is the shop window of the My Council Services platform. As such it has applicability to virtually every service area of the council. If your service area has any customer-facing processes for local residents, business owners, landlords or any other local stakeholder then this element of the My Council Services platform is hugely relevant and valuable. It is the keystone of channel shift and transformation.

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