Customer Self-Service Kiosk

How My Council Services – Customer Self-Service Kiosk will help you

The Customer Self-Service Kiosk is a fully integrated component of the self-service and CRM suite. Leveraging the My Council Services native mobile application technology, it offers UK local authorities an easy-to-use solution, allowing customers to complete transactions across a full range of council customer points. In the context of the inexorable move to digital self-service, the Customer Self-Service Kiosk offers a safe and secure hybrid option. It is especially helpful in the following scenarios:

  • It is extremely valuable when there is a requirement to submit official documents and where these documents require council verification. Customers can self-scan at a secure kiosk in the council offices or other appropriate facilities and can have the submitted documentation verified on the spot.
  • It provides customers who are perhaps less confident with using digital technology on their own, the reassurance of a trained and friendly customer service agent being on hand, to benefit from the digital processes that your council has made available.
  • It allows for assisted transactions without compromising the efficiency of other digital processes. One of the key benefits of this process is the comprehensive audit trail of user activity and data that is captured.

Features of My Council Services – Customer Self-Service Kiosk

  • Native mobile application on iPhone & Android with features for customer self-scanning that includes a 13MP camera providing extremely high-quality scans.
  • Customer barcode scanner to quickly populate existing customer information that is held by the council
  • Secure and safe kiosk with anti-theft technology
  • Fully data secure with no information saved locally on the kiosk device
  • All software delivery components branded to reflect council’s visual identity
  • Comprehensive and easy to use configuration
  • Fully supported integration capability to third party systems with real-time lookup and validation via REST and SOAP application programme interfaces (API)
  • Includes secure stand for each location

Service benefits

  • The Customer Self-Service Kiosk allows customers to request, pay, and apply for services without any support, with the option of receiving assistance from a customer services team member if preferred. This solution offers a hybrid value-added addition to your existing customer services infrastructure.
  • For customers who require validated documented evidence such as passport or driver licence validation, the kiosk can act as a scanner and will shorten the processing time for applications that require verified documentary evidence.
  • All information captured can be synchronised with back-office solutions via a fully indexed application programme interface integration.
  • Customers can save time completing forms with the easy-entry barcode scanner. Customers bring previous correspondence with them containing a pre-printed barcode when scanned this will pre-populate the form.
  • Allow customers to take passport quality photos, which can be validated in real-time.

Who will benefit?

The Customer Self-Service Kiosk forms a key component of the My Council Services Apps, eForms and Customer Portal product suite. This digital self-service solution has applicability across all service areas within the council. If you are looking to enhance and increase your digital footprint and would like to know more, contact us at

View the Customer Digital Self-Service Kiosk on Gcloud