Mobile Workforce Management

How Mobile Workforce Management solution will help you

The My Council Services Mobile Workforce Management suite provides all the required tools to keep your mobile workforce (maintenance teams, inspectors, engineers, social workers, housing officers, and any field-based staff) productive and efficient. It enables teams and individuals to receive, access, and edit service requests, case files, and detailed task information in the field. It provides a sophisticated remote working environment with full offline capability, underpinned by the My Council Services Windows, Android, or iOS native Mobile Worker app.

Mobile Workforce Management features

  • Combination of responsive web and native mobile technology
  • Secure, cloud-based, and device independent mobile working platform
  • Sophisticated rules engine for automated workflow
  • Comprehensive service request and task management capabilities
  • In-task forms can be designed to capture additional data as part of task activities
  • Technology fully configurable to match required processes and work responsibilities
  • Fully configurable and customisable
  • All delivery components branded to match your visual identity
  • Comprehensive and easy to use back office for configuration
  • Fully supported integration capability to third party systems


  • Save time, money, and resources through automated workflow
  • Optimise resources by more effective prioritisation of work
  • Get rid of printed task sheets forever
  • Rapid implementation, live within 6 to 8 weeks
  • Enable the capture of accurate productivity data
  • Improve internal efficiency
  • Improve service responsiveness and customer service levels
  • Offer end to end process automation
  • Reduce internal IT overheads

What existing customers say about Mobile Workforce Management solution

“Our planning officers previously worked using paper-based systems. Now they can go to a property and capture all of their required information on a tablet device and create a report. There’s no longer a need for these staff to go back to their offices to write up their work reports, as it is all available for them to complete on their mobile devices whilst deployed out in the field”

Allerdale Borough Council

“It’s much more efficient and jobs are dealt with in real time now. Before, we had this 24 hour time lag before we printed jobs off. Then unless you had a very good memory you couldn’t necessarily remember who you’d given a particular job to, or when you’d given it to them and when they were supposed to complete it. My Council Services has all that stuff built in so you don’t have to remember everything. Everything is automated.”

Stafford Borough Council

Who will benefit?

The Mobile Workforce Management suite is appropriate for any team that is required to access, manage and complete an assigned set of tasks or activities. This could be anything from dealing with ad hoc fly-tip reports, completing a round of scheduled inspections of equipment or facilities through to the completion of a series of home or property visits. It can be applied to any council service functions where personnel are out and about in the field. We have many examples of successful mobile working being used by street scene, open spaces, public protection, and recycling and waste teams.

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