Service Desk module

How the Service Desk module will help you

Service Desk enables back office service area administrative teams to manage service requests and cases in line with the service level requirements for their service area. This is relevant when assisting external or internal customers and when managing any process e.g. client request, support ticket, incident or case. Service Desk can also be considered as ‘CRM-lite’ with a focus on the type of service activity e.g. accessible transport, environmental health, recycling and waste, street scene, etc.

Service Desk features

  • Ability to link multiple service requests, add additional documents, notes and evidence to a service request, create a task or other relevant outcome
  • Enable the update of service request status, the owner and priority
  • Provides the ability to produce a document based on a template and to create a contract, license or permit using the information provided in the service request
  • Create new service requests using intuitive e-forms
  • Flexible and real time reporting capabilities allowing the production of tabular, graphical and map-based reports
  • Role-based access and data controls for security and productivity
  • Web services API enable fast integration to third party systems

Service Desk benefits

  • Increase staff productivity in back office functions
  • Remove dependence on offline spreadsheets and isolated databases to manage service areas
  • Ensure staff have all relevant information for each service request
  • Save time by automating processes for any service request category
  • Save money when compared to case management applications
  • Integrates directly to the My Council Services Mobile Worker suite
  • Rapid implementation – can be live within 6 weeks

What existing customers say about Service Desk

“Using My Council Services reduces the number of routine calls to our contact centre and so has freed up our advisors to be able to work with the customers most in need of personal interaction. It’s definitely the way we want to go – to give customers more options to contact us. At the end of the day hopefully we will see some efficiency savings but at the moment it’s a tool to help us deal with our more vulnerable customers.”

Test Valley Borough Council

Who will benefit?

Service Desk is useful for any team that is required to access and manage inbound service requests from customers (external or internal). It has applicability across the whole array of council service functions and is most commonly and regularly used by council officers with responsibility for ensuring the smooth and effective day to day activities of a service function.

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