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Streetscene and community safety

How My Council Services can help you

  • Digitise the reporting, case management, service request resolution and communication process end to end – Encourage contact through lower cost channels, reducing the time and resources required to resolve issues and keeping all stakeholders up to date automatically.
  • Easier and more efficient identification of issues – Customers can report issues such fly tip, littering or graffiti to the correct local authority (based on location or statutory responsibility) using a fully responsive eForm, a branded smartphone or tablet app or via a customer portal.
  • More efficient back office management and processing of service requests – Receives inbound service requests, identify potential duplicate reports and link them, automate all aspects of workflow and assign jobs based on staff location, skills and availability.
  • Better service for customers – Automatically keep customers up to date on progress via email, push notification or SMS, meeting customers’ expectations for online, real time information.
  • Improved insight into productivity – Run real time reporting on service requests, outcomes and every aspect of the street scene workflow.
  • Design the process to match the way you work – Use the integrated rule engine to configure process-specific service level criteria that can be used as the basis for communication, escalation and automated workflow.
  • Introduce workflow automation to manage the full range of required processes, eliminating the need for manual intervention – Equip Streetscene staff with low cost smartphones or tablets, removing the need for printed task sheets and introduces the opportunity to optimise the way teams plan and carry out their work.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

Beyond the implementation of the tested and proven streetscene and community safety solution, we also offer additional services to ensure your organisation is up and running in the shortest possible time and quickly getting a return from your investment.

  • Assistance with process review and optimisation, form design, and workflow configuration to make sure that everything is set up for a successful rollout.
  • Once installed, the same modules that power streetscene and community safety processes can also be used to provide a highly functional platform for other ‘place-based’ services from customer self service e-forms right through to mobile working.
  • My Council Services is installed in over 50 local authorities around the UK, many of which use our platform and associated services to increase efficiency in their streetscene and community safety related service areas.
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