How My Council Services can help you

My Council Services has been implemented in numerous local authorities to support elements of their local housing strategy. My Council Services enables the following:

  • Easier and more efficient identification of housing related issues – Customers, residents and tenants can raise issues such as empty properties, damage to a property or issues within their own council or housing association property and report them to the correct team using a fully responsive eForm, a branded smartphone or tablet app or via an online customer portal.
  • More efficient back office management and processing of service requests – You can receive inbound, housing-related service requests and then automate all aspects of workflow, as well as assigning jobs and creating tasks based on staff location, skills and availability.
  • Better housing services for customers – Automatically keep customers up to date on progress via email, push notification or SMS.
  • Provide visibility to tenants and landlords of rental and benefits status – Deploy a customer-facing portal that enables tenants and landlords to quickly access details of their rental payment, housing benefit status and eligibility (subject to the appropriate verification and governed under the GDPR),  dramatically reducing the volume of inbound calls to customer service staff, leaving trained housing and customer services staff free to deal with more complex cases.
  • Digitise the reporting, case management, service request resolution and communication process end-to-end – Encourage contact through channels that are less expensive to run and manage, reducing the time and resources required to resolve issues and ensuring that everyone involved in a process is kept up to date automatically.
  • Enable mobile working – Give housing officers low cost smartphones or tablets equipped with the My Council Services Mobile Worker suite, removing the need for printed task sheets and introducing the opportunity to improve the efficiency of their working patterns.
  • Compliance – Ensure data security and compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

Beyond the implementation of the tested and proven solution for housing, we also provide additional services to ensure you are up and running quickly and getting a return from the investment you have made.

  • Assistance with housing-related process review, form design, and workflow configuration to make sure that everything is set up for a successful rollout.
  • Once installed, the same modules that enable housing processes can also be used to provide a highly functional platform for other people, property and asset-based services, from customer self service eForms right through to mobile working.
  • Extensive local authority and housing experience – My Council Services is installed in over 50 local authorities around the UK with many of them deploying processes that are connected to housing services.
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