Service Level Agreement module

How the Service Level Agreement module will help you

The My Council Services Service Level Agreement (SLA) module is a fully integrated component of Service Desk and the broader case management functionality. It allows you to configure any number of service level agreement criteria. Once configured on the platform, specific SLAs can then be applied to specific relevant processes.

For example, you may decide to set up an SLA for inbound Street Scene service requests, another for missed bin service request and another for taxi license applications and so on. Each of these SLAs can have differing criteria, differing rules being triggered to escalate and inform relevant parties to the process. In essence, the addition of the SLA functionality creates a useful set of meta data (i.e. data about the case of service request) that allows for more sophisticated automation and workflow to be designed, all of which supports increased transparency, improved communication and greater productivity.

Service features

  • Ability to link individual SLAs to specific process types, creating data that can be used to trigger automated rules and downstream workflow
  • Allows consistent workflow monitoring and workflow management to be applied right across your service portfolio
  • Creates the opportunity to run regular and consistent SLA reporting, highlighting areas for improvement and changes in service delivery performance

Service benefits

  • Improve productivity in back office processes and functions through automated workflow
  • Provide valuable data and insight to service heads and council leadership through improved service level reporting
  • Help keep customer up to date and to effectively manage expectations to avoid demand failure e.g. reduce the risk of customer calling in to find out when a problem will be dealt with because they are not aware of documented response times

Who will benefit?

Service Level Agreements is an integrated component of our Service Desk product. Whilst use of SLAs is entirely optional (and it is not charged separately) it does add significant additional governance and management opportunities to any customer facing process. As such it is relevant to any service area that is running and managing service delivery functions for the council e.g. Street Scene, recycling, waste and highways etc.