On demand webinar
Blue Badge solution

On demand webinar

Blue Badge service provision

By January 2019 every Blue Badge issuing council will require a new system that must provide integration with the DfT systems and can also integrate to other systems that are implicated in the provision of blue badge service to their qualifying residents such as an existing CRM system and the current payment gateway platform where appropriate.

This webinar shows you how My Council Services can help you manage your Blue Badge provision. My Council Services is an innovative cloud-based digital platform designed and developed specifically for local authorities to provide a fast to implement, highly configurable and scalable solution that is fully integrated to the online application provision that the DfT is offering.

In this webinar you will see the key elements of the Abavus Blue Badge solution:

  • E-forms and data capture – My Council Services’ offers sophisticated e-forms capability through which you can manage all key processes from managing and assessing Blue Badge applications through to handling appeals and badge issuing.
  • The Permits and Contract module – enabling effective and efficient management of the full lifecycle of the permit including all processes associated with cancellation, novation and renewal
  • Integration with existing systems – we’ll demonstrate how the My Council Services solution enables technical integration with third party systems such as the Department for Transport new Blue Badge system, payment gateways and existing third party applications within the Council
  • Communication with stakeholders – you’ll see how the My Council Services solution allows the you to automatically update and send communications to all applicants and other stakeholders
  • Improved information provision – see how the My Council Services Blue Badge solution offers a wide range of real time reporting on every aspect of the Blue Badge process, enabling better understanding of how your Blue Badge provision is used
  • Security – you’ll learn how the My Council Services cloud-based solution is both secure and GDPR-compliant

Who should watch this video? 

  • Managers responsible for blue badge provision
  • Directors
  • Transformation leads

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