How My Council Services can help you

Abavus has help Local Authorities to implement and deploy My Council Services in order to progress transformation through the entire range of highways maintenance processes. Enabling the following improvements and transformational developments:

  • Easier reporting of highways related issues for customers – Customers will be able to identify and report highways problems e.g. potholes, damage to road signage and street furniture etc. and report them to the correct local authority (based on location or statutory responsibility) using a fully responsive e form, a branded smart phone or tablet app and via a customer portal.
  • Improved back office management and processing of highways service requests – The Council will be able to accept inbound service requests, identify potentially duplicate reports e.g. a pothole that has been reported by more than one person and link them, automate all aspects of workflow and assign jobs based on location, skills, availability etc. This has been delivered in situations where the Council is running a highways service directly and a where operations have been outsourced to a third party contractor.
  • Better visibility of progress for customers – The Council will be able to automatically keep a customer up to date on the progress of their reported highways issue via email, push notification or SMS.
  • Seamless digital mobile working – Enable automation from customer report through to issue resolution using mobile working technologies.
  • Manage scheduled highways inspections – The same mobile working capability that enables the digitisation of ad hoc service request can equally be applied to scheduled highways inspections and review activities associated with Section 58 defence processes.
  • Digitise the reporting, case management, service request resolution and communication process from start to finish – Quickly migrate the majority of contact over to channels that are lower cost per contact, reducing the time and resources required to resolve issues and keep all parties up to date via automated communications.
  • Create and deploy workflow automation – Manage the full range of required highways processes, minimising any requirement for manual intervention as a service request progresses through the process.
  • Equip highways crews and engineers with low cost smartphones or tablets, fully set up with the My Council Services Mobile Worker suite – Highways personnel can then move away from relying on printed task sheets, introducing the opportunity to optimise the processes through which they plan and carry out their inspection and repair work.
  • Third party integration – We can offer a fully supported solution integrated into third party back office database applications that are used in highways e.g. Mayrise, Exor, Symology etc.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

Abavus has significant experience when it comes to working with Local Authorities and Highways Service areas. We have worked on numerous projects in which we have delivered both the technology platform to streamline and automate workflow. In addition to the implementation of technology the other area that is important to swift roll out and successful adoption is the delivery of value added services. Abavus can help and support your Council in several ways:

  • Support for process review, form design, and workflow documentation and configuration to make sure that everything is set up for a successful roll out.
  • My Council Services is a modular and highly flexible solution – Once installed, the same modules that enable the more efficient working practices of Highways teams can also be direct towards and used in other service areas.
  • Abavus wants to enable your organisation to become increasingly self sufficient in the use of the implemented solution. As such we will work with your staff to ensure that then have the skills, confidence and knowledge to configure, adapt and improve the processes and workflows that have been created using the My Council Services platform
  • Of course, whilst we want you to be as self sufficient as possible, the Abavus Support Team is always on hand to assist should you require any further help or if you are experiencing difficulties
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