On-demand webinar
Digital customer self-service for UK local authorities

On demand webinar

Digital customer self-service for UK local authorities

This webinar recording will demonstrate how the My Council Services Customer Portal, eForms, native mobile application and CRM platform that form an integral element of the My Council Services platform, can help you drive channel shift and enable transformation.

In addition, we will introduce the new ‘Customer Self-Service Kiosk’, an integrated component that bridges the gap between full digital self-service and more traditional customer services approaches. My Council Services enables citizens (or staff) to raise automated service requests, make payments and communicate with your Council through multiple channels via native smartphone, mobile device or web.

The configurable My Council Services Customer Portal, web forms, self-service kiosk and mobile applications also offer easy to use back-office technology and can be completely customised to your requirements. During this one hour webinar, you’ll find out how Councils like yours are already benefiting from a significant reduction in their response times, reduced paperwork and overheads, as well as increasing their engagement with citizens through the channels which best suit them.

My Council Services enables you to capture all transactions with your customers, through whatever channel they come through, and manage all forms of customer interactions. See demonstrated, the full lifecycle of a service request from self-service submission, through receipt, acceptance and management by your customer service team. Ensure that your customer service staff, whether centrally organised or distributed across the organisation, can benefit from adopting this contemporary CRM technology.

What we cover:

  • An introduction and background to My Council Services
  • An overview of local authorities already using the platform
  • A demonstration of the My Council Portal, eForms, native apps and back-office capabilities
  • A demonstration of the contact centre capabilities and the opportunities for process streamlining

Who should attend?

  • Customer service managers
  • Heads of service and directors
  • Transformation leads for UK local authorities

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