Booking and appointment module

How the Booking and Appointment module will help you

Manage all aspects of any kind of appointment or booking, from booking an appointment to meet with a council benefits advisor or housing officer right through to the reservation of a municipal sports facility or managing internal room bookings.

The Booking and Appointment module provides the ability for a local authority to create any type of booking or appointment process and to deploy it as a digital form that a user can access and complete, deployed either as a standalone eForm or incorporated into the My Council Services Customer Portal.

Examples include:-

  • Booking an appointment to meet with a council benefits advisor or housing officer
  • A one off or a recurring reservation of a municipal sports facility
  • Reservation of a registry office
  • Booking a collection time for bulky item removal

The module enables both customer-facing and internal processes so could also be used to manage the booking of meeting rooms or other internal booking processes.

The Booking and Appointment module can be integrated with your existing payment gateway, enabling payments to be taken as part of the booking process. Adding in the Products module enables the booking to include ‘multi line’ payments – for example whilst booking a tennis court it would allow for racquet hire to be added to the booking with the total cost calculated automatically.

Using the Booking and Appointment module, your staff can quickly configure and deploy booking and appointment processes without having to rely on the supplier for configuration changes or updates. This module offers fully configurable and feature-rich management of all aspects of local authority booking and appointment scheduling including the following:

  • Calendar, set up and configuration for assets, facilities or appointment-based allocation procedures
  • Creation of recurring appointments and bookings
  • Set up and configuration of sophisticated validation processes for scheduling and booking
  • Ability to integrate to third party applications if required to enable dynamic data exchange (separately chargeable)
  • Fully self-service or assisted process supported
  • Configurable suite of communication and notification e.g. SMS to notify of appointments
  • Process-based reporting and analytics

Benefits of using the Booking and Appointment module

  • Fully integrated booking management and scheduling module
  • Rapid to implement and fully integrated with the CRM and the wider My Council Services platform
  • ‘Zero code’ configuration capability for high productivity
  • Save time and money when compared to traditional bookings solutions

Who will benefit?

This module will be of huge value to any local authority service area that offers bookings and appointments-based transactions. As such it has applicability in many areas of local authorities, from accessible transport through to waste and recycling, and every other service area in between.

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