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Leisure services

How My Council Services can help you

  • Complete range of booking options and pricing – Combing the My Council Services Bookings and Appointments module with our integrated Assets and Product Module alongside integration with your preferred payment gateway, facilitates a complete range of booking options and pricing. This can cover tickets for arts and cultural events, booking of classes at a leisure centre or reservation of other sports and activity facilities, all of which can be quickly configured and deployed as online self service processes that customers will want to use.
  • Fully functional self-service ticketing – Customers can book and pay for ticket to an arts event at a venue via a self service, responsive eForm within a customer portal with automated communication and confirmation providing them with the details of the booking and any payment made.
  • Enables one off bookings or recurring reservations – Users (such as individuals, sports teams and other clubs) of the council’s facilities can make both one off bookings and long term recurring reservations, paying for them and agreeing to a contract for use with the Council, all with payment collection built into an entirely self-service, web-based process.
  • Update customers on changes – You can automatically keep customers up to date with the progress of their booking or any changes to bookings, availability or offers via email, push notification or SMS.
  • Accurate and up to date reporting – You can run real-time reporting on service requests, bookings, reservations and every aspect of the leisure services usage data.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

My Council Services is a modular solution, and our leisure services implementations make use of several different modules that form the whole My Council Services platform. Abavus provides a fully supported and serviced solution to make sure that your implementation runs smoothly and is delivered in line with your leisure services requirements.

  • We work with the relevant teams in the service area to review, document and improve both process and workflow. Often with leisure services applications, we are taking processes ‘fully digital’ for the first time and this presents a great opportunity to think how best to design a process from the ground up.
  • Abavus can help with form design, and we will almost certainly be able to share existing form templates that may meet your requirements and that will certainly speed the project up.
  • The Abavus client services team will work with you to put a clear project plan, go live plan and support structure in place to ensure that your project is a success.
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