All-in-One mobile office

MobileOps is an all-in-one mobile application designed specifically for local authority field workers to streamline workflows, optimise their routes, stay connected, and access data from their mobile devices.

MobileOps for Local Authorities - Check, Chat, and Conquer Tasks on the Go!

MobileOps – The future of council efficiency starts here

Route optimisation

Navigate efficiently with our advanced route optimisation engine. Strategically plan the quickest and most cost-effective routes to your destinations, reducing both travel time and fuel expenses.

Effortless inspections

Perform inspections, log maintenance requests & observations, and track asset usage directly through mobile devices, ensuring optimal asset condition and minimal downtime.

Efficient Waste Management:

Efficient waste management

Track and manage waste disposal seamlessly. Record pickup locations, collection schedules, and disposal information to maintain a clean and sustainable environment.

Task management

Organise task assignments, set priorities and track progress effortlessly. Stay on top of responsibilities with timely reminders and meet the required SLAs.

Task Management:
Lone Working Capability:

Enhanced scheduling and dispatch

Improve the efficiency of scheduling and dispatch operations by providing managers with real-time visibility into each field worker’s schedule and current status along with monitoring their safety.

Chat and collaboration

Stay connected with colleagues through built-in chat features. Exchange updates, seek help and collaborate seamlessly regardless of the location.

Chat and Collaboration:
Comprehensive Data Insights:

Comprehensive data insights

Access information from a centralised repository. Improve decision-making, accountability, and efficiency with integrated data that drives better planning and results.

Real-time issues reporting

Report problems, incidents, or hazards in real-time for timely resolution and enhanced safety. The data gets synchronised with the back office seamlessly.

Centralised Request Management

How will mobile workforce management software be beneficial on the go?

MobileOps – Save time and money with next-generation mobile working

Take charge of your workday, reduce operational costs, and improve customer satisfaction with MobileOps – An ultimate mobile workforce management software.