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Information technology

How My Council Services can help you

The central information technology function of a local authority is the primary enabler of contemporary public service delivery.  Local governance is highly dependent on reliable, functional, intuitive and efficient technology.

As with every other area of local government activity, IT teams in local authorities now have to reduce costs, often through consolidation of IT systems and vendors. At the same time, expectations from customers, both internal and external, of automation, integration and consolidation of data are on the increase.

IT plays a critical role when we are working with a council to implement My Council Services.  The IT team is a key stakeholder in the technical due diligence as well as in the more technical aspects of the implementation such as integrations with third party systems. Whilst the IT team is not typically the end user of the solutions that Abavus provides, it is a key contributor nonetheless.

All aspects of the My Council Services platform are relevant to IT from an implementation perspective:

  • My Council Services offers a fully integrated platform that can be used standalone or integrated with existing system architecture.
  • My Council Services is the only integrated platform that provides breadth of functionality (accessibility across all customer contact channels and functional Council service areas) and depth of functionality (enabling end to end workflow with full automation and configuration capabilities).

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

  • My Council Services provides a rapid-to-implement and highly configurable digital platform which is designed specifically for councils.
  • The platform is entirely SaaS (software as a service) based with all hosting based in the UK. Thus there is no overhead of commissioning and maintaining hardware locally, delivering a lower cost of ownership for the council.
  • My Council Services has been designed to enable the widest range of self-configuration. Most of the configuration capability does not require specialist technical skills, releasing valuable IT and technical resources to focus on the more challenging areas of technology enablement for the council.

Abavus works with over 50 councils using the My Council Services platform to enable efficiency as part of their transformation programmes. The IT team is an important partner in all of our My Council Services implementations and is always one of the key ingredients in a successful implementation project.

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