Communications module

How the Communications module can help you

The Communications module is a integrated messaging module that forms part of the My Council Services platform. It enables the scheduling and sending of targeted communications to customers via email, SMS and automated telephony. In addition it allows customers to subscribe and unsubscribe to content feeds and communication types (both topic and delivery media) that are of interest.

This capability is often used as a communication overlay for service delivery-related activities e.g. collection reminders, renewal reminders, permit expiry, appointment reminders or for general communications.

Many of our clients have integrated the Communications functionality with the nationally available Gov Notify service. This enables a council to make use of the free SMS provision via the My Council Services platform. The communications capability provides access to an integrated SMS as required or it can be integrated to an existing messaging application.

Service features

  • Comprehensive subscription-based communications plug in
  • Allow for web content, email, SMS and telephony options
  • Offers integration to the central Gov Notify service provision


  • Integrated communications plug in to ensure customers are aware of important and relevant information relating to service delivery
  • Minimise missed appointments, forgotten collection schedules or unintended permit expirations saving time, resources and hassle for the customer and the council
  • Allow customers the choice of subscription to content

Who will benefit?

The Communications functions will be of huge value to any local authority service area that needs to share timely and relevant outbound information with customers through electronic and automated channels. As such it has applicability from accessible transport through to waste and recycling, with every other service area in between. If you need to let your customer know what is happening, what has changed or remind them of what it is they need to do to ensure smooth service delivery, then the Communications capability that My Council Services offer will be relevant.

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