Online payment integration

How online payment integration will help you

We can provide integration of My Council Services to your selected payment gateway for web and native mobile forms. Once integrated, the online payment capability exists and resides on your secure instance of My Council Services as a reusable plug in. This means that the integration with the selected payment gateway is available and can be re-used for any number of different process types, across  multiple service areas, wherever collection of payment is required.

Service features

  • Enable all payment processes for self service transactions and assisted transactions
  • Available for browser based forms
  • Available for native application forms
  • Enable multi-line purchases i.e. a customer can add multiple chargeable items to a single transaction
  • My Council Services can manage and track the item codes and cost centre information to ensure accurate financial reconciliation
  • Financial reconciliation reports available through the My Council Services analytics function

Service benefits

  • A secure payment integration approach
  • Enable fast, self service payments that will save you and your customers time
  • Support the efficient and effective collection of council revenues

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