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Business and licensing

How My Council Services can help you

  • Receiving online applications – My Council Services can be fully integrated with the online application portal provided as part of GOV.UK as well as enabling your organisation to accept direct applications via your own channels (web, phone and face-to-face).
  • Reviewing applications – My Council Services’ integrated rules engine enables efficiencies in the process of reviewing applications, whilst still enabling manual intervention either by the applicant or by council staff as and when needed.
  • Assessing eligibility – Some license and permit processes required eligibility or compliance assessment to be completed remotely. Our license and contracts solution can include full mobile working functionality, enabling whoever is carrying out the assessment to benefit from a fully end-to-end digital process, from setting appointments and sending reminders to writing up notes digitally and updating all relevant parties on outcomes.
  • Managing the outcome of an application – My Council Services supports all the functionality required to manage unsuccessful applications, including the provision of an appeals process with as much or as little automation as appropriate.
  • Payment and issuing of licenses, badges and permits – once an application has been approved, My Council Services supports all the functionality required to issue the badge. The platform can interoperate with print and production services. If payment is required this can be collected via your existing payment gateway which can be integrated with the My Council Services License and Contracts solution.
  • Identifying misuse and enabling enforcement – My Council Services enables all aspects of enforcement from enabling members of the public to report suspected misuse, relating to a license of any description, quickly and easily through to identifying duplicate or potentially fraudulent applications. Misuse reports can be generated for internal review. Device independent mobile working functionality enables enforcement officers to work efficiently whilst out in the field.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

Beyond the core delivery of the solution, we also provide a range of additional services to ensure you derive maximum value from your investment.

  • Assistance with data migration – your existing records of license, permit or other contract based application applications and renewals are loaded into the platform ensuring that you can operate with seamless continuity.
  • Consulting services to assist with process review, mapping and optimisation – We regularly work with our clients to review and document current process, identifying opportunities for process simplification, automation and improvement.
  • My Council Services is a modular and highly flexible solution – Once installed, the same modules that power the one license process can also be used to provide a fully functional platform for other services such as residential parking permits, other transport services and passes, as well as to other council service areas.
  • Many years of public sector experience – My Council Services is installed in over 50 local authorities around the country, helping councils achieve digital transformation and channel shift across all areas of their operation.

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