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Enterprise-wide solutions

How My Council Services can help you

Every local authority transformation project that we have been involved in has been driven by a desire to transform not just one service area, but to deliver consistent improvements and efficiencies across the entire business, rethinking and reengineering the way the whole business operates. My Council Services Site Licenses presents a very efficient means to enable this from a technology enablement standpoint.

The design, planning and rollout of an organisation-wide transformation programme in a local authority is a complex project involving many moving parts and a wide cast of stakeholders, from the chief executive out to every customer, touching every council officer and elected member in between.

Trying to enact multiple high profile transformative deliveries across different departments in one go is a high risk strategy and diminishes the opportunity for organisational learning and incremental improvement. Instead, we recommend putting in place a planned series of delivery milestones, enabling individual service areas to transform their piece of the business in a structured way.

How a My Council Services Site License can help you deliver a successful transformation programme

  • My Council Services has been developed specifically for use by local authorities. This means that our line of business modules provide functionality that has applicability in multiple service areas. The result is that the technology investment made to enable transformation in one service area can be easily used other service areas. Re-using the same technology in multiple service areas means a much greater return on investment
  • In the same way that the underlying technology can be reused across the organisation, so can the configuration skills that enabled it to happen. Learning how to use and implement a central technology platform once and then deploying its different module multiple times makes for faster, lower risk roll outs. Improved productivity is a great way to deliver measurable savings and a site license helps your organisation to do this
  • Fewer relationships with technology vendors will also save your Council time and money. We recognise that My Council Services is not going to be the only computer system you ever invest in, but using it as the backbone of your services can help you simplify and decongest your information technology infrastructure.
  • Your site license includes the full suite of My Council Services applications, enabling the council to build automated data and workflows that span multiple service areas.
  • My Council Services is designed as an open system. This means that it has been developed to best practice principles ensuring that it can interoperate with other third party systems that you invest in, allowing secure, automated and efficient data exchanges between systems.
  • The site license approach provides the you with a broad and sophisticated tool kit that includes many of the technology capabilities you will need as part of your ongoing programme of transformation activities.
  • The platform has been designed to be easy to configure and use, offering a ‘zero code’ environment without compromising on sophistication.

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About the modules in this solution

The My Council Services site license options offer the full suite of tools that are available on the platform. It provides license entitlement for unlimited users across all included products. The investment has been tiered to reflect the size of the authority (as measured by resident population). You can see all the details on our G Cloud listings.

Site License Small Authority (Population up to 180,000 residents)

Site License Medium Authority (Population from 180,001 through 280,000 residents)

Site License Large Authority (Population from 280,001 through 500,000 residents)

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