Contract Management

How Contract Management will help you

Our Contract Management solution is a functionally rich element of the My Council Services platform. This versatile technology allows you to design, configure, deploy and manage the full range of contract processes. This includes Blue Badge applications, residential parking permits, annual green garden waste, etc.

The solution can integrate with any payment gateway, allowing customers to pay for services without council officer assistance. Major steps can be taken towards digital transformation, channel shift, and measurable savings.

Our technology offers an easy-to-use contract design interface, enabling configuration of contract terms, cancellation, novation, grace periods, and termination. The suite of available tools provides everything needed to deliver significant efficiency gains across council service areas.

Contract Management solution features

  • Contract type, set up and configuration via an easy-to-use graphical user interface
  • Creation of renewal intervals and auto-renewal, accessible through a no-code configuration console
  • Set up and configuration of sophisticated validation processes to test and calculate eligibility
  • Ability to integrate with third-party applications to enable dynamic data exchange
  • Set up and configuration of pro rata calendar-based charging
  • Full range of payment processes enabled
  • Fully self-service or assisted process supported
  • Configurable suite of customer notifications (e.g. to notify of upcoming renewal via SMS, email or phone call)
  • Fully scalable platform capable of handling 100,000+ simultaneous transactions
  • Transaction-based reporting and analytics supporting financial reconciliation and other reporting requirements

Benefits of the solution

  • Fully integrated contract management system that delivers greater efficiency to your operations
  • Contract templates and eForms available by default to enable rapid implementation
  • Cashable savings when compared to traditional line-of-business solutions
  • Ready to use across multiple service areas
  • Integrates with any CRM, including Abavus Contact Centre and Service Desk CRM capabilities

Who should use our Contract Management solution?

As contracts are relevant for many council service areas, our solution accommodates for a wide range of scenarios. Examples include:

  • Accessible transport for Blue Badge administration
  • Waste and recycling for green garden waste
  • Parking services for issuing parking permits
  • Marketing and communications for event ticket booking and sales

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