Consultancy, training and support

Consultancy, training and support

The delivery of carefully tailored consultancy activity is an important element to ensure a successful implementation project of My Council Services.

Whilst consulting activity is an important ingredient to a successful project, the amount and specific nature and format of consulting support required will vary quite widely from one project to another. For large projects that may include comprehensive process mapping and review, sophisticated process configuration across multiple services areas and multiple integrations to third party applications, the need for consulting support could be quite significant. At the other end of the spectrum, for a more narrowly defined solution within a single service area and with fewer variables to consider, the requirement for consulting support would be much more modest. We work with our clients to ensure that the consulting support is a perfect fit to ensure success whilst being very careful avoid over-engineering the delivery.

Abavus and its technical consulting team work with the Council’s IT personnel and their colleagues from the respective business areas from client organisation to:

  • Provide strategic consultancy advice, support and guidance where this is necessary and required. This consultancy is principally aimed at helping organisations acquire the appropriate level of knowledge and skills in order that effective, cost efficient business decisions can be taken regarding how and what technology should help shape their organisations now, in the future and that will fit their transformational business strategies and tactical plans to deliver the required outcomes.
  • Provide consultancy specific to ensuring that My Council Services based software solutions, are successfully embedded into organisations and are being effectively and appropriately used to ensure that value for money and return on investment is delivered as quickly as possible from the project.
  • Provide training and development to ensure that personnel responsible for the set up and on-going usage of Abavus software solutions possess the requisite skills and product knowledge to plan, structure and deliver business improvement and efficiency through the on-going use, development and expansion of the technology. Training is available classroom based, via online tutorials and through documented training aids.
  • Provide on-going 1st and 2nd line support. This support is available via agreed Service Level Agreements (SLAs). These SLAs ensure that the Abavus team are on hand to trouble shoot and quickly resolve any technical issues encountered whilst also helping users and customers with general set up or usage queries thus maximising and enhancing the all round user experience. Both email and telephone support service options are available.

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