Regulatory Services

How the Regulatory Services module will help you

The My Council Services Regulatory Services module supports the digitisation of the full range of regulatory services that UK local authorities are required to manage. This includes, but is not limited to, any public protection process such as food safety inspections or health and safety inspections. The capabilities provided are also relevant to any compliance-driven, eligibility-driven, or scored process such as processing Blue Badge applications.

The module can be configured to enable both scheduled or ad hoc inspection processes and it has the tools to create the required level of compliance-driven reporting that can then be delivered to the relevant stakeholders.

This module offers fully configurable and feature-rich management of all aspects of local authority risk assessment, eligibility scoring, and reporting including:

  • Rules and calculation-based creation of scores and risk scales based on the input from data captured through e-forms
  • Creation of automated output to match required reporting standards
  • Set up and configuration of sophisticated validation processes for risk scores
  • Ability to integrate to third party IT applications if required to enable dynamic and secure data exchange (separately chargeable)
  • Fully automated or partially automated processes supported
  • Configurable suite of process notifications e.g. to notify compliance agency
  • Risk and score-based reporting and analytics

Service benefits

  • Fully integrated compliance and risk scoring module
  • Rapid to implement and fully integrated with CRM platform and other lines of business processes
  • Save money when compared to ‘traditional line of business solutions’
  • Augment processes that traditionally rely on subjective assessment or that require clunky manual scoring exercises with objective scoring
  • Make digital all manner of public protection process that has proved hard to transform

What existing customers say about the Regulatory Services module

“In this current climate we have to be open to different ways of working. It’s inefficient to have well-trained officers back in an office writing letters when they could be out inspecting. Using this module to manage our food safety inspections enables our officers to get more work done in fewer hours.”

Stafford Borough Council

Who will benefit?

This module is relevant to any local authority service area that is responsible for compliance, regulation and eligibility driven-processes. As such it has particular applicability in the areas of accessible transport, public protection and health and safety.

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