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Health and safety

How My Council Services can help you

My Council Services supports more efficient Health and Safety procedures in the following ways:

  • Allow customers and staff to raise issues quickly and conveniently – Our council-wide digital reporting facilities (individual e-forms and the customer portal) enables customers to quickly and simply notify the council of health and safety concerns.
  • Efficient case management – Your health and safety team will receive inbound notification of issues and can automate all aspects of workflow, assigning jobs based on their characteristics and requirements, managing outcomes and escalating where necessary, all within the system.
  • Improve efficiency for scheduled and ad hoc health and safety inspections – Enable health and safety officers to complete inspections faster and more accurately by equipping them with a tailored mobile working facility that make the inspection process entirely paper-free.
  • Improved insight into health and safety activities – Run real-time reporting on health and safety inspections, outcomes and every aspect of the health and safety workflow, enabling much greater insight into the nature and volume of health and safety issues.
  • Rapid deployment – Quickly design and deploy digital health and safety reporting and inspection processes and automate these wherever it is appropriate to do so.
  • Cut manual intervention – Your health and safety operatives can configure and automate key workstreams themselves, reducing the need for manual processing of cases and thus saving time and money.
  • Range of reporting options – Meet all health and safety reporting requirements using the dashboards and analytics functions of My Council Services.
  • Fully functional mobile working solution – Equip health and safety inspectors with low cost smartphones or tablets through which they can access the entire My Council Services Mobile Worker suite. Get rid of printed inspection sheets and improve the way teams plan and carry out their work.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

We provide additional services to ensure your digital health and safety inspections and reporting processes are up and running in the least time possible so that the Council quickly sees a return on its investment. This can be especially important for smaller teams within a Council such as health and safety, who can sometime find it a challenge to get the help required from internal IT teams who are under resource and budgetary pressure.

  • Abavus can help you with process review and process design, form design and workflow configuration to make sure that everything is set up for a successful rollout.
  • We will train your users to make sure that they have the skills and knowledge to configure own and modify the solution that has been implemented.
  • Following implementation, our support team are on hand to make sure that you can quickly resolve any problems you encounter.
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