Contact Centre Management module

How the Contact Centre module will help you

The Contact Centre module enables you to rapidly put in place an easy-to-use, multi-channel customer contact interface and capture and manage all your interactions with your customers, through whatever channel they may come.

  • Simply plugs into your existing systems, with an intuitive interface so training requirements are minimal
  • Designed specifically for local government use based on collaboration with and feedback from users via our Customer Advisory Board
  • Improved productivity in your customer contact centre
  • Improved consistency of process and standards of service across multiple points of contact
  • Greater efficiency achieved whilst using the same resources
  • Cost of ownership of the technology will be reduced

The benefits of the Contact Centre module

Knowledge management

All your existing data sources and back office systems can be searched by your customer service agents to better enable them to answer questions from customers. These systems can be searched in real time while the customer remains on the line. The knowledge management system can also be set up to provide automated answers to commonly raised questions on web chats.

Email Centre

The Email Centre enables unstructured email interactions to be intelligently incorporated into the contact centre interaction history. The email content and its attachments will be added to the case as an uploaded PDF or image and the text from the email will be dropped into a note so that other agents can view it.

Web chat

The web chat add on enables your customers to chat live with your customer services agents through an online chat facility.

Who will benefit?

Contact Centre is the cornerstone of the My Council Services platform in a Customer Services context. The product is most commonly used by customer service agents and those who are interacting with the council’s customers, whether over the phone or face to face.

Contact Centre is especially powerful and helpful if a complete view of the customer’s relationship with the council is required. Assuming that the relevant privilege and profile settings are in place, a Contact Centre user will be able to quickly review, commence, progress and complete all aspects of the interactions and transactions that a customer has with the council. The application interface can be set up to display a wide range of customer meta data e.g. a refuse collection schedule calendar at their registered address, revenue and benefits data through to other information such as violent marker, appropriate control measures, specific vulnerabilities and other data about the customer that will help the appropriate management of the relationship with the customer.

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