Case ManagementCase management – manage all your cases in one central location

Case management is critical to the work of many local authorities but it is often a manual process, paper-driven and plagued by delay with poor management visibility. Correspondence and notes need to be linked to each case so that they can be easily found, and key information needs to be accessible to case workers when they are away from the office. It must be easy for case workers to access and share increasing amounts of data whilst following formal data protection procedures.


Our case management platform, enables case workers to systematically manage a case from creation to closure. Case information is held on a centralised private cloud so that all relevant correspondence, emails, case notes, assessments and contacts can be linked to a case. Mobile case workers can access the case information via their iPhone, iPad, android or windows device via our mobile worker apps. The case information can be immediately synchronised to the back office allowing the admin teams to assess information of cases in real time. Our case management platform can handle a variety of cases, including service requests, incident management, investigations, applications and other regulated transactions.



Key Features

  1. A unified view of actions and history for a case and its associated content, including audit trails to ensure compliance.

  2. Comprehensive case management and policy management.

  3. Facilitates complex eligibility determinations and change of circumstances through the eForms.

  4. Allows citizens or customers to view their case details online.

  5. Enables assessment of circumstances, including built-in assessments for risk, safety, and environment with eForms.

  6. Assigns service providers and referrals.

  7. Views that are tailored to each user’s roles and permission levels; along with collaborative tools including task lists, deadlines, alerts, and threaded discussions that improve case worker productivity.

  8. Real-time notification and tracking to support management reporting.

  9. Wide range of dashboards and reports.

  10. Improved accountability and data protection.

  11. Case workers are guided through defined processes to ensure compliance with data protection.

  12. All emails, correspondence and meetings can be tagged to individual cases to improve accountability.

  13. Case information can be accessed securely by mobile workers offsite.

  14. Case Management processes are streamlined and predictable as the repeatable elements of case handling are encapsulated in standard processes.

  15. Our Dynamic Rules platform drives work to the right people at the right time whilst automation of repetitive tasks saves time and speeds up case processing.

  16. Case workers have a better view of the overall progress of a case.

  17. Case workers can easily share information or initiate discussions on particular stages as well as allowing inter-agency collaboration and hand-off in complex cases.


  1. All case-related information at your fingertips All documents are stored in the central database. You can view any document related to a case based on a any criteria you determine.

  2. Email integration. Save emails and attachments to an appropriate case file at the touch of a button, ensuring that the case information is complete.

  3. Reduce time spent on document creation and management. With the use of customised form templates and workflows, cases are created, stored and managed in real-time. You can also associate different parties to the case and link contact details.

  4. Automation to free staff from background tasks. Three different levels of workflow provide the opportunity for work to be heavily controlled or largely free-flowing.

  5. Process improvement. Improve internal processes and procedures and free up employee time to focus on business as usual tasks.

  6. Keep track of key dates and events. Each task has a due date, completed and scheduled date so you know exactly when a task is meant to happen and when it actually happened.

  7. Integration to 3rd party systems. Case Management software can be fully integrated with all your other systems.

  8. Enhance teamwork and enable flexible working practices Team members have secure access to all case information from any location, making it easy to find and access the very latest information regarding a case.

  9. Automated and user-defined reporting. Tailored or standard reports can be defined and scheduled to run at set intervals, delivered in a format ready for publication, or exported to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation.

  10. Governance with role base access control. RBAC controls security and access which is enabled by our intuitive and user-friendly user interface.

Find out more about each module

contact centre module logo

Contact Centre

An easy-to-use, multi-channel customer contact interface
Risk Management module logo

Risk Management

Schedule inspections and manage reporting
Communication module logo


Configure messages for any group using any channel
Bookings and Appointments module logo

Bookings and Appointments

Create any type of booking or appointment
waste module logo

Waste and Recyling

Manage all aspects of refuse and waste management
Contracts Licensing module logo

Contracts and Licensing

Configure, deploy and manage contracts
customer digital access module logo

Customer Digital Access

A comprehensive customer self-service platform
mobile worker module logo

Mobile Worker

Eliminate the need for paper work orders or task sheets
case management module logo

Case Management

Systematically manage a case from creation to closure
Service Levels module logo

Service Levels

Design and deploy any type of service level templates

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