Case Management module

How the Case Management module will help you

My Council Services Case Management is a rapid implementation, hosted case management application.  It has been designed specifically for use in public sector organisations, providing an easy to use, fully featured case management system on the My Council Services platform offering open connectivity and easy integration with third party applications as required.

Case Management supports a collaborative process which enables assessment, planning, implementation, co-ordination, monitoring and evaluation of multi-faceted cases.  The application is suitable for support a wide array of potential case management scenarios.

Case Management features

  • Easy to navigate graphical user interface
  • Access to full suite of internal case management e-forms usable within the application and across the platform
  • Case management forms can be designed and created within the application at any time
  • Role-based access and data control for security and productivity management
  • Full range of case management features including:
    • Contact management
    • Case and service request linkages
    • Adding relevant document
    • Creating associated tasks
    • Adding note
    • Adding links to external resources
    • Configurable outcomes and status types
  • Interfaces and links to other My Council Services modules and components
  • Full audit trail of case history
  • Access to case reporting capabilities
  • Enable users with remote, secure access to case management functionality

Case Management benefits

  • Increase call staff productivity and improve case management practice
  • Offer consistent yet flexible approach to case management activity
  • Ensure staff can collaborate effectively around complex cases and have full contextual information for cases they are involved in
  • Save time by implementing a system that is fully responsive and can be accessed from any device and from any location
  • Save resources by ‘in case’ creation and assignment of tasks
  • Save money on license costs when compared to ‘traditional’ case management applications

Who will benefit?

Case Management is the natural progression from the My Council Services Service Desk product. In that context, it is useful for any team that is required to access and manage more complex cases (external or internal), for example where multiple professionals may be associated with a case and may need to contribute their knowledge or expertise to it and in scenarios where the case may require longer term attention and management.

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