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Customer services

How My Council Services can help you

  • Facilitate channel shift – The use of the Customer Engagement Portal and e-forms capability can quickly and significantly reduce the volume of telephone contact that the Council receives by channelling routine enquiries through other channels, enabling customer service agents to focus on those cases where human intervention, judgement and decision-making is required.
  • Staff can access customised versions of the same forms that customers are using – The same suite of e-forms and digital processes that are available to customers to use themselves are also available to the customer services team. However, individual forms can be presented in a different way, depending on the profile of the user. For example, when a member of the Customer Services Team is running a process as an assisted activity it may be appropriate to ask for additional information and to capture some additional data that will expedite the downstream workflow.
  • Fully configurable display of contextual data to customer service agents – Agents can view additional meta data about the customer with whom they are dealing (subject to role-based access control privileges). This could include language preferences, special information such as specific disabilities, or other relevant data such as a violent marker and appropriate control measures.
  • Give agents a complete view of customer transactions – The team member assisting a customer has a complete view of all that customer’s service requests, interactions, bookings, contracts, and other transactions, giving them an accurate picture of that customer’s dealings with the Council at any given time.
  • Contact centre staff can complete the full range of transactions – The Contact Centre screens allow staff to complete all transactions from reporting something on behalf of a customer through to completion of an application and, where an appropriate, secure collection of payment.
  • Both customers and staff have access to a comprehensive help system – Users can access a fully indexed and searchable knowledge base containing answers to common questions. Staff can share knowledge base articles with customers, including links to relevant resources, electronically via email or SMS.

Why work with Abavus and My Council Services?

In every transformation project that we have been involved in with UK Local Authorities, the Customer Service functions has been a stakeholder. The My Council Services cloud platform has Customer Services at its core, enabling Councils to become more efficient and effective. The My Council Services platform has been able to create opportunities for the way that Customer Services operates and which, crucially, contribute to the efficiency and effectiveness targets that must be met.

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