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We help local authorities achieve channel shift

We provide public sector organisations with innovative smartphone and web platforms that enable self-service customer access and mobile working. The My Council Services platform is unique. It is the only fully synchronised, dynamically configurable and integrated multi-channel, customer self-service and mobile working platform. The combination of innovative, cost-effective technology and our made-to-measure professional services ensures our clients realise rapid returns on their investment.


CRM integration

The customer data you get via My Council Services can be integrated with your existing CRM and other back office systems to enable you to get a complete view of your customer interactions.

Quick and easy communication

My Council Services lets your customers communicate with you quickly and easily using either their smartphones or via the internet.

Mobile worker capability

Using My Council Services, tasks and service requests can be automatically allocated to the correct team and workers in the field can manage their tasks using smartphones or tablets, eliminating unnecessary admin such as the need for paper work orders.

Achieve channel shift

The My Council Services suite of products helps local authorities to achieve channel shift by providing customers with a fully automated self-service interface for reporting incidents, submitting applications, paying bills and much more.

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