Redefining Allotment Management with My Council Services

Any avid allotment owner knows that tending to vegetables is only half the story. The other half is less exciting – administrative work, managing plots, co-ordinating with allotment association members, etc.

Thankfully, My Council Services is designed to ease the workload of these tasks, helping allotment associations to focus on what matters: growing and enjoying fresh vegetables!

Our Allotment solution offers UK councils a fully automated digital allotment management system, enabling your customers to apply, pay, and renew for allotments online. The solution is an all-in-one digital system for allotment processing and management. This includes plot allocation, waiting list management, and processing of non-cultivation and notice to quit orders. As a digital solution, our system removes labour-intensive paper-based workflow, helping to save authority resources whilst also improving efficiency and revenue generation.

Features of our allotment solution:

  • Prospective plot holders can apply and pay for allotments digitally
  • In-built ability for automated annual renewal of plots through individual easy-to-use contract creation
  • Create and maintain digital waiting lists across allotment sites and individual plots
  • Process plot inspections through our mobile app, and generate non-cultivation and notice to quit orders through the system
  • Digitally store and retrieve all allotment and plot holder records

Our allotment solution offers many benefits!

  • Reduced time and bureaucracy by housing all allotment management processes in one single system
  • Integrated payment processes ensure effective and timely income generation
  • Process allotment queries and issues quickly and efficiently with effective record management
  • Fully automated and streamlined interface between the council, site representatives and plot holders
  • Transact with plot holders through the system (e.g. rent reminders), building up a history of interactions

If you would be interested in a demonstration of our digital allotment solution, click on the Contact button in the top right of your screen!