How the Spaces module will help you

The My Council Services Spaces module enhances our Assets, Bookings and Contracts suite of products. The solution enables UK councils to provide their customers with the ability to apply and pay for the usage of any physical space. This could range from allotments, garages, lockers, market stalls, moorings, parking, etc.

The module can be configured with waiting lists for spaces, allowing customers to join a queue for a space they are applying for. Combined with analytics providing concise data, councils are able to gain an understanding of spaces receiving the highest traffic. The solution also supports integrations into payment providers and gateways, allowing councils to generate revenue from applications.

The module can be configured to enable both scheduled or ad hoc inspection processes and it has the tools to create the required level of compliance-driven reporting that can then be delivered to the relevant stakeholders.

This module offers fully configurable and feature-rich management of spaces:

  • Applicable to a wide range of scenarios – allotments, garages, lockers, market stalls, mooring, parking, etc.
  • Ability to create queues, waiting lists and priority management.
  • Automatic notifications to keep customers up-to-date.
  • All application and maintenance history is automatically recorded against a space.
  • Integrates with and enhances existing My Council Services modules, including Assets, Bookings and Contracts.

Service benefits

  • User-friendly interface provides a quick and easy way for customers to apply for spaces.
  • Customers can specify exactly what they want to do with a space, or apply for a specific kind of space. For example, applying for a market stall in a particular location, or renting a garage for a pre-defined period.
  • Automated and intelligent waiting lists to ensure effective and reasonable use of resources on a first come first serve basis.
  • Generates additional revenue for the usage of council-owned spaces, with automated support for direct payments and monthly collections.

Who will benefit?

This module is ideal for any council business areas looking to increase automation, improve efficiency, and generate revenue from spaces-related processes. As such, it has particular applicability in areas relating to Assets, Bookings and Contracts.

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