How Test Valley Borough Council are achieving transformation using My Council Services

Nicola Everett explains how Test Valley Borough Council use the My Council Services Service Desk and Mobile Worker modules.

Abavus have been very different from other companies that we have worked with before. Generally we get delivered a product that ‘as is’ when it’s delivered, very inflexible, we don’t have any say in the development and we have to mould our processes around the software, whereas working with Abavus means we’ve been able to design processes from scratch using the My Council Services platform to deliver our processes in the way that we want them to be used as opposed to what a software company thinks we want to use.

Abavus have been really great in terms of taking on board feedback, especially in the beginning. The development team that worked on it at the beginning were very receptive at taking our ideas on board, going away and coming back with something which was really good.

There have been financial savings in terms of moving from a large scale CRM system to a lighter touch approach. Using the system across several different services has enabled us to get rid of some of the processes that people were using, especially spreadsheets and other little ad hoc systems that no one really had any visibility of.

There’s been a benefit in terms of customer contact. We’re now able to email them back. They’ve got visibility of the progress of their requests through the app. They don’t have to call us so we’ve seen a shift – calls to our call centre have dropped, visitors have dropped and online requests have gone up.