Transformation and digitisation for licencing services

Transformation and digitisation for licencing services

The effective execution of a local authority’s mandated responsibilities relating to licencing services contain numerous challenges and opportunities. Licencing has an important role in ensuring compliance with required standards, covering everything from safe and secure housing provision through to effective oversight of licenced premises, community and commercial events, taxi licencing and many more areas of day to day modern life.

In many situations the effective checking of standards requires practical intervention in the form of a physical inspection and assessment. Moreover, in these fiscally challenged times licencing activities represent an opportunity for local authorities to responsibly and sustainably generate additional revenue. Alongside the opportunity to generate valuable income sits the responsibility of effective enforcement, in situations where individuals, companies or premises do not meet required standards or are not properly licenced.

In this white paper we examine how the My Council Services platform supports the following areas of licencing:

  • Customer self-service – how councils can most efficiently enable customers to access the relevant application process and complete their application online using an internet connected device of their choosing
  • Payment collection, financial reconciliation and licence renewal – how councils streamline the process of licence fee collection and licence renewal whilst also maintaining accurate records on licences held
  • Licence management – enabling council officers, be they part of the licencing team or other regulatory teams to process those applications and to design and deploy automated workflow to support such processing where desirable and appropriate
  • Mobile inspections – how councils can harness technology to support improved efficiency when executing premises inspections e.g. houses of multiple occupancy and other licence based inspection processes
  • Enforcement – With the key elements of licence management and fee collection present, accurate and stable we will illustrate how councils can become more proactive in terms of enforcement and the benefits this will derive

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