Chat Bots

How the Chat Bot will help you

Chat Bot technology represents the next generation of self-service technology for multi-channel customer services.

The My Council Services Chat Bot is an interactive web based tool that allows customers to interact with it as though conducting a ‘person to person’ conversation. The Chat Bot is primarily designed to enable information retrieval and transaction completion. This can include everything that a customer might need to do with their local council from reporting a missed bin up to paying for a service or signing up to a contracted service.

The toolset works on a combination of sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms and a set of heuristic rules. The engine is self-improving and learns from historical patterns of behaviour and outcomes with customers.

This product is still in its first release state (Beta) at the time of writing and is continually being developed and tested.

Who will benefit?

Chat Bot and the technology it utilises will become an increasingly mainstream feature of customer services. A person-to-person-like interaction, enabled by ‘intelligent’ technology through multiple different channels (web, phone, SMS, social media etc.) will become the first point of contact for contemporary service organisations.

As such the My Council Services Chat Bot will be relevant across the entire service delivery portfolio wherever customers are contacting the council directly to have their questions answered, to use a specific service or to complete a transaction.

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