Abavus takes practical measures to ensure that the actions of other customers on the My Council Services cloud platform will not impact on the quality of service for other users on the platform.

The My Council Services platform has been designed and engineered specifically for use by UK local government. There are many characteristics of its underpinning infrastructure that have been developed with this user community in mind. The schematics below provide an overview of some of the key infrastructure elements that guarantee a robust, high availability platform that is more than ready for the task of frontline public sector service delivery.

The hardware provision and the way this has been structured and deployed ensures, to the greatest extent possible, that the actions of one user will not negatively impact the quality of service for another user.

In particular we have chosen to provide the cloud hosting on private cloud infrastructure. The private cloud approach allows us to ensure that there is always sufficient processing, storage and connectivity provision to mitigate risks related to a user taking action that could skew resource allocation.

All hosting is based in the UK and we ensure 99.9% uptime, excellent performance, resilience and failover.  Platform updates and improvements are all provided as part of the service.

The schematic below illustrates the high level architecture set up.

Beyond the hardware and infrastructure provision the user controls that are in place (through our RBAC module) allows the council to govern who can access which features and functions on the platform. This means that processes that could potentially create episodes of high resource demand can be corralled to only be accessible to the users that absolutely should have access to them.

Of course, there are certain external factors (for example regional internet disruption) that we are not able to mitigate against. We constantly monitor and assess these external factors.