On-demand webinar
Automating Digital Green Garden Waste Solutions


Through our research and work with 50+ UK local authorities, we recognise the problems councils face in regards to Green Garden Waste (GGW):

  • Resource-intensive. Councils have to sign up thousands of residents every year. This is often done in a short space of time with limited resources.
  • Lacks automation. Manual intervention at every stage increases resource intensity and workload. This often makes processes clunky and time-consuming for workers and residents.
  • Many revenue collection streams. Several payment collection methods make reconciliation difficult for customer services and finance.
  • Rigid collection schedules. Rounds are often paper-based and reliant on local driver knowledge. Councils lack the ability to make quick and efficient route changes as required.
  • Lacks analytical capability. Legacy and/or paper-based systems make it difficult to gather intuitive up-to-date data.


In less than 30 minutes, you will learn how the My Council Services GGW capability automates and optimises workflow. This in turn allows councils to achieve improved services and GGW uptake. We cover:

  • How customers can quickly apply and pay for GGW¬†services through MCS
  • How to automate and manage annual renewals for GGW contracts
  • How to create, process and manage GGW contracts via the back-office and on-site Mobile Working
  • How to configure several payment types through MCS, for both credit cards and direct debits
  • How MCS automatically records and provides detailed analytics around GGW services


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