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CrowdControlHQ is the UK’s leading social media risk management and compliance platform built for enterprise. It gives you access to all your organisation’s social media channels from a single dashboard, accessible online from anywhere. CCHQ supports your channel shift strategy by enabling your communications and customer service teams to manage social media communications across complex networks of multiple accounts. It also gives you a complete social media audit trail and includes the advanced security features needed to ensure that your organisation’s image is protected and compliance regulations are met.

CrowdControlHQ case studies

Blaenau Gwent County Borough Council
North Lanarkshire Council
St Helens Council

How will CrowdControlHQ help you?

  1. Keep your social media assets safe – keep control of access to your social media accounts through tiered access and permission-based log in, eliminate the need for shared passwords and set up different users with different access rights.

  2. Listen to what people are saying about you on social media – social media monitoring enables you to engage with your customers directly via social media, listening to what people are saying about your organisation, and respond quickly to issues before they become bigger problems.

  3. Track the success of your social media communications – enable your marketing and comms teams to easily see the extent to which people have engaged with, shared and commented on your content.

  4. Safeguard your organisation’s reputation – protect your reputation online by ensuring that outbound communications are consistent in tone and message, regardless of which employee is sending them.

  5. Analytics and reporting - measure the effectiveness of your social media strategy in order to demonstrate cost savings and channel shift.

  6. Encourage teamwork – enable collaboration between different teams and departments within your organisation on both content planning and workflow management.

  7. Ensuring security and compliance – create a detailed audit trail for all social media communication and prevent security breaches.

  8. Manage social media via mobile – log in to your organisation’s dashboard from wherever you are, whatever device you’re using.

Why CrowdControlHQ?

CrowdControlHQ is already being used by many local authorities and other public sector organisations. It offers a number of benefits which make it ideally suited to handle the particular social media risk management challenges faced by public sector organisations.
  • Built for enterprise – CrowdControlHQ has been specifically developed with large organisations and multiple inter-departmental social media teams in mind. It is ideally suited to the challenges face by local authorities who commonly have a great many people active on social media from numerous different departments, all with different priorities and concerns. The system has been extensively tested in the largest and most complex organisations, including local authorities, police forces and other public sector organisations.

  • Developed and supported in the UK – This means that your data is stored within the UK, ensuring compliance with UK law. CrowdControlHQ includes features to help ensure your staff stay on the right side of UK legislation such as libel laws. Support is provided within the UK meaning you get a quick response from people in the same timezone as you. When you first get started with CrowdControlHQ you benefit from onsite training, face-to-face discussions and ongoing support from a dedicated account management team.

  • Tailored implementation – Each CrowdControlHQ implementation is unique, tailored to the specific needs of your organisation and the way in which you plan to use it.

  • All-inclusive price – When budgets are tight it’s important that you know exactly what you’ll be paying and what you’ll get in return for that price. We are completely upfront about the price you pay. The price you’re paying includes all of our features, services and on-going support so there are no surprises down the line.

  • Rigorous IT security – We take IT security extremely seriously. CrowdControlHQ has been rigorously tested by the UK’s leading penetration testing and IT security firms and the security of your systems is absolutely paramount.

  • Compliance – Using CrowdControlHQ means you’ll have a comprehensive and robust audit trail of every social media communication that leaves or enters your organisation. You’ll know exactly who posted what and when.

Find out more about each module

contact centre module logo

Contact Centre

An easy-to-use, multi-channel customer contact interface
Risk Management module logo

Risk Management

Schedule inspections and manage reporting
Communication module logo


Configure messages for any group using any channel
Bookings and Appointments module logo

Bookings and Appointments

Create any type of booking or appointment
waste module logo

Waste and Recyling

Manage all aspects of refuse and waste management
Contracts Licensing module logo

Contracts and Licensing

Configure, deploy and manage contracts
Crowd Control HQ module logo

Crowd Control HQ

Enterprise-level social media risk management
customer digital access module logo

Customer Digital Access

A comprehensive customer self-service platform
mobile worker module logo

Mobile Worker

Eliminate the need for paper work orders or task sheets
case management module logo

Case Management

Systematically manage a case from creation to closure
Service Levels module logo

Service Levels

Design and deploy any type of service level templates

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