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Four local authorities where we’ve helped deliver digital transformation and channel shift

In my last blog post I described some of the best practices I’ve seen when working with UK local authorities on their digital transformation programmes. I’d now like to share four examples of local authorities where I’ve seen these best practices most effectively demonstrated.  It’s fair to say that the following examples all contain elements of excellence and commitment, […]

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Five reasons why investing in training helps you to realise the benefits of channel shift

With today’s severe financial constraints many local authority training budgets have either been cut or dispensed with altogether. But far from being cost-effective, the long term financial implications for such organisations can be serious. A low-skilled, demotivated workforce can incur unnecessary costs and opens up organisations to all kinds of risks. And if channel shift is […]

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Five reasons why the UK public sector needs to look to smaller IT vendors for transformational solutions

If you think that the coming election will see the end of public sector spending cuts, think again. Regardless of who wins the election, the fact is that more cuts are coming and they will be even more savage than previously. Local authorities will continue having to deliver more for less. Transformational change will be more critical than […]

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Channel shift isn’t just about your customers – here’s why you should move staff to mobile working platforms too

Over the last few years there’s been a significant focus on the delivery and enablement of e-services in local government. I’ve worked with many councils who are embracing this agenda, moving towards digital delivery and introducing many new channels through which citizens can interact with them. Understandably, the focus of many transformation and channel shift […]

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How can local authorities achieve channel shift and transformation in an age of austerity?

I spend much of my time working with leadership and management teams of UK local authorities. Times are tough in local government. Local authorities face many pressures. Some of the key challenges that come up in discussion again and again are: The relentless pressure on budgets and resources – budgets are still being dramatically cut […]

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Channel shift and transformation – what do they mean to citizens?

As a long-standing employee of Abavus I have heard the terms ‘channel shift’ and ‘transformation’ used again and again in conversations with clients or in presentations that I  prepare for them. They’re impressive-sounding phrases with energy and edge, but I do sometimes wonder if the real meaning of these terms, particularly from a customer’s perspective, may be getting lost. […]

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Five reasons why you need an app

In my work for Abavus I quite often meet with councils who are unsure why they really need to develop a mobile app. After all, if people have access to websites, telephone helplines and customer centres then why do they also need an app? Isn’t an app just another way of accessing the internet? A […]

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