What is the My Council Services Risk Module?

The My Council Services Risk Management module is squarely aimed at enabling and supporting the digitisation of the range of regulatory services that UK Local Authorities are required to run and manage. This would include, but is not limited to, food safety inspections, health and safety inspections and scheduled highways inspections.

The module can be configured to enable both the scheduled or ad hoc inspection processes and it has the tools to create the required level of compliant reporting that can then be delivered to the relevant stakeholders.

How does the Risk Module enable more efficient food safety inspections?

Each EHO has our food safety inspection app installed on their mobile devices. The app is tailored precisely to the requirements of food safety inspections and is fully compliant with FSA requirements. The EHO can enter the information into the app whilst they’re onsite in the premises. The app automatically generates the food safety rating and the report on visit (ROV) for the officer whilst they’re on premise. They can then email the ROV to the premise owner instantly before moving onto their next appointment, removing the need to do any paperwork once back at the office or to return to the office to receive details of their next appointment.

What our customers say

“In this current climate we have to be open to different ways of working. It’s inefficient to have well-trained officers back in an office writing letters when they could be out inspecting. Using the Risk Module to manage our food safety inspections enables our officers to get more work done in fewer hours.”

Spencer Cooper, Stafford Borough Council


Transform your food safety programme, saving time and money

  • Ensure compliance with FSA requirements – the food safety Risk Module has a dynamic risk scoring capability that enables you to use the correct code of practice scoring regime, so is perfectly aligned with FSA scoring requirements.

  • Works with both scheduled and ad hoc visits – the module can be used to manage any type of food safety visit, either scheduled or ad hoc, so can efficiently control all aspects of your EHOs’ workloads.

  • Enable your EHOs to be more agile – the food safety Risk Module greatly reduces the paperwork and admin load associated with each inspection. Your EHOs can work more efficiently, focusing their time on inspections and visits rather than on paperwork, and minimising the time they need to spend travelling to and from your offices.

  • Better service for premise-owners – using this system means that EHOs can generate a score and ROV for each site whilst they’re still on premise. The premise-owner gets everything they need immediately rather than having to wait for the EHO to go back to the office and write up the paperwork.

  • Enable EHOs to manage their own time – using this system, you can allocate a week or more’s worth of visits to your EHOs, giving them the flexibility they need to visit particular premises at different times of day depending on their opening hours.

  • Integrates with your legacy systems – the food safety Risk Module can be fully integrated with your existing systems, enabling your EHOs to access the full history of visits to each premise all through one system.

Find out more about each module

Contact Centre

Contact Centre

An easy-to-use, multi-channel customer contact interface

Risk Management

Schedule inspections and manage reporting


Configure messages for any group using any channel

Bookings and Appointments

Create any type of booking or appointment

Waste and Recyling

Manage all aspects of refuse and waste management

Contracts and Licensing

Configure, deploy and manage contracts
Crowd Control HQ

Crowd Control HQ

Enterprise-level social media risk management
Customer Digital Access

Customer Digital Access

A comprehensive customer self-service platform
Mobile Worker

Mobile Worker

Eliminate the need for paper work orders or task sheets
Case Management

Case Management

Systematically manage a case from creation to closure

Service Levels

Design and deploy any type of service level templates

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