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The Mobile Worker module offers a device-independent, cloud-based workforce management module. Mobile worker has been designed with remote and mobile workforces in mind, using the latest native mobile application and web technology.

It enables your workforce to accurately receive and log any kind of work order or task information via smartphone, tablet or PC/Mac and to automatically feed this information into your back office systems. The Mobile Worker module eliminates the need for paper work orders or task sheets which in turn saves time and enables workers to be out on the road conducting routine maintenance, working with customers to resolve a problem, completing installations or responding to an urgent call out.

Mobile working case studies

Allerdale Borough Council
Cannock Chase District Council
Maidstone Borough Council
Stafford Borough Council

Your mobile workers can access job information via their iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows device.


Staff tasks, service requests or cases can be immediately synchronised to your back office systems, allowing your admin teams to access the information they need in real time.


Integration with your backoffice systems

The Mobile Worker module can be configured to match processes for many different service areas, and can also be delivered with fully functioning back office integration including task management, workforce scheduling and user management.The module can also be securely integrated into your existing back office applications if you prefer.

The end user mobile applications have proven themselves to be easy to use and popular with citizens and can be integrated with the Mobile Worker module so that citizen enquiries and reports are automatically routed to the correct workers. This can be done across iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Our customers have been able to implement the My Council Services Mobile Worker module in as little as 12 weeks from contract to go live. Demonstrable efficiencies include:

  • Measurable improvements in mobile worker productivity

  • Increases in overall efficiency and effectiveness, delivery of improved output with the same resources

  • Better data and insight through which to manage a direct or out sourced work force

  • Financial savings because resources are deployed with increased optimisation


See how the Mobile Worker module helps your staff work more efficiently

Stafford Borough Council Mobile Worker case study

Read about how Stafford Borough Council saved time and money as well as improving efficiency using the My Council Services Mobile Worker module.

Find out more about each module

Contact Centre

Contact Centre

An easy-to-use, multi-channel customer contact interface

Risk Management

Schedule inspections and manage reporting


Configure messages for any group using any channel

Bookings and Appointments

Create any type of booking or appointment

Waste and Recyling

Manage all aspects of refuse and waste management

Contracts and Licensing

Configure, deploy and manage contracts
Crowd Control HQ

Crowd Control HQ

Enterprise-level social media risk management
Customer Digital Access

Customer Digital Access

A comprehensive customer self-service platform
Mobile Worker

Mobile Worker

Eliminate the need for paper work orders or task sheets
Case Management

Case Management

Systematically manage a case from creation to closure

Service Levels

Design and deploy any type of service level templates

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